Become a TradeSta

The TradeSta Waitlist Is Now Open!

So, the waitlist has launched and if you have noticed when you sign up to the waitlist you are given your own referral link… this is your unique link for you to share with your friends, on social media. TradeSta has a really simple way of rewarding you for bringing new TradeStars to the waitlist. We have three very simple levels. Ambassadors, TradeStars and SuperTradeStars. See what you get in the table below.  





Per verified Referral earning 




How many referrals do i need to make 

1- 49

50 – 99


Entry into winning a hardware wallet on launch 




Entry into winning $1000 of STA on launch 





What does “Per verified Referral earning” Mean? 

So for every verified referral you make we will reward you with 1 STA Token. At the IEO 1 STA will be worth $0.02 So if you are an Ambassador you get 1 STA per referral, if you are a TradeStar you will get 5 STA token per verified referral and if you are a Super TradeStar you will get 10 STA token per verified referral. 

What does “Entry into winning a hardware wallet on launch” mean? 

When we launch the TradeSta exchange, all TradeStars and SuperTradeStars will be entered into a prize draw to 1 of 5 hardware wallets to make sure you can keep your STA and other assets safe!

What does Entry into winning $1000 of STA on launch” mean?

When the TradeSta exchange launches all of our SuperTradeStars will also be entered into a price draw to win $1000 of STA token. These STA token. 

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is very simple, all you have to do is sign up to the waitlist. Get your referral link and share it. 

Are there any qualifying terms?  

  1. You have to be on the waitlist yourself and have verified your email address. 

  2. Join our Discord server and say Hello! 

  3. Join our Telegram community and say Hello!

  4. Ensure your referrals are over the age of 18

  5. Only email verified referrals will be accepted


All entries to the waitlist must be over the age of 18. All entries to the waitlist must have verified their email address to qualify into the programmes. Any referrals made by a referrer must also be over the age of 18 and have verified their email address to qualify. Winning entries to the TradeStars and SuperTradeStar giveaways will be notified via email and must respond within 5 working days from the receipt of the winning email being sent to claim their winnings. TradeSta will email the winners directly 30 days after the first day of launch of the TradeSta platform.